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Who Told You That?

October 9, 2009

Things My Children Don’t Hear From Me:

  • I’m on a diet.
  • Does this make me look fat?
  • Why can’t you be more like your sister?
  • You are so bad.
  • Anything negative about their hair or body.
  • That’s not how everyone else does it.


This is a short list to make a very important point. As Mommy I understand that their self-image is being formed, in part, by the things I do and say everyday.

I am teaching them through self-acceptance and positive praise that they are smart, beautiful girls that can do whatever they decide to do because that is what their Mommy does. 

As they get older I hope these positive affirmations will drown out the negative messages. I want them to be comfortable with themselves, and have no desire to conform to standards that are not based on their individual beauty.

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