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Writing With Writer’s Block

December 8, 2009

Dear God,

Tonight I’m tired and I have writer’s block. I want to write something profound, humorous or at least interesting, but I have nothing. However, I am staying focused and practicing discipline, because I said I would write every day for 7 days.

So, here’s to discipline. The way I figure it, if I can force myself to write something, even if I don’t have a topic, then it is a stepping stone to eating healthy when I don’t feel like it. And it can help me work out when I really just want to go to sleep.

Discipline is so hard, not because I don’t want the end result, because of course I want that. Discipline is hard because it forces me to act in a way that sometimes differs from my feelings.

It’s a struggle of wills. And so, tonight as I fight writer’s block with a random post that will probably be incoherent tomorrow, I am proud of myself for pushing through the dip and on to keeping my promise.

Dear God, I hope you are proud, too. Well, good night.

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