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Santa brought me NOTHING!

January 4, 2010

We celebrate Christmas. We just don’t do the Santa thing. So, when you ask my four year old what Santa brought her you get a 2-minute dissertation. But, it’s not the explanation that I gave her. It’s the way she has processed the info from me, her teachers and the holiday movies.

In her “I know everything because I’m four voice” you’ll hear something like,

“Santa brought me NOTHING! My mommy says Santa is just for pretend, he’s a fairy tale, but I know better because he came to my school and I took a picture with him.” *flailing arms for extra emphasis*

“She says he’s just playing dress up, like when I play fairy, but I don’t think so. Santa is real. He just didn’t bring me anything. But that’s okay, because my family bought me stuff. Yes Mommy… Grandma…  Aunt Glenda, they all bought me stuff. Maybe next year if mommy believes he’ll bring me something. *shrugs shoulders* I don’t know.”

Luckily we have this on video. It should be perfect for blackmail when she’s older… LOL.

Now, what we do emphasize during Christmas is the spirit of giving, loving and the birth of Jesus. I let them help me put up the nativity scene and angels.

We talk about God and his gift to us. We read a great book that discusses Jesus and Santa, “God Gave Us Christmas”. And each daughter gets three gifts from me to symbolize the three gifts from the wise men.

I’m hoping as they grow up they’ll appreciate the Long-household ritual, even find a way to add their own flavor to it.

Now I’m preparing for the Easter Bunny…

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  1. A-Dizzle permalink
    January 19, 2010 11:25 am

    hmmmm, yeah. mini-me knows his name and what he looks like, but she does not know his “purpose.” so when people ask her about santa bringing her stuff, she just looks at them like they’re crazy and tells them mommy and daddy gave her presents. LOL!

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