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Celebrate February

Valentine’s Day

  • Sweets and decorating are perfect ways to celebrate such a sweet holiday. Some of my favorite things to do are:
    • Baking red velvet cupcakes.
    • Making chocolate covered strawberries and bananas.
    • Making cards to send to family.
    • Making a Paper Conversation Heart Wreath with the girls. Find directions here.
    • Watching some of my favorite movies (Love Jones, Love and Basketball, The Notebook).
  • This year I also plan to have a cherry tomato platter complete with dipping sauces (veggie dip colored with red food coloring and strawberry yogurt), to compliment sandwiches cut into hearts and my special love punch (I’ll post the recipe to that later).
  • If you want more ideas, here are a couple of places to look:


President’s Day

  • Visit the White House Kid’s Website  to learn about the current president, vice president and first lady.
  • Pick a past president to study, choose a contribution they had to society and do one craft project to highlight that accomplishment.
    • For instance, JFK created the Peace Corps and he used executive orders along with personal appeals to aid the Civil Rights movement. So, a craft idea would be to create a collage using peace and diversity as a theme.
  • Build a log cabin on cardboard with popsicle sticks.
  • Bake a cherry pie or make cherry cupcakes.


Black History Month

  • Pick a theme to celebrate the entire month. My girls love everything girly, so this year’s theme is “Blacks in Beauty”.  They’ll be learning about Roberta Bell and Leo Moss, famous doll makers.
    • If you want more information on these or other doll makers the Black Doll Collecting Blog is a good place to start. There is also a lot of information at the Philadelphia Doll Museum.
    • They’ll also learn about Mildred Blount, a hat maker for movies including Gone With The Wind, Zelda Wynn, Elizabeth Keckly and Lillian Rogers Parks.
  • Watch one of many PBS TV specials. Here is a list from Nia Online.



American Heart Month

  • The American Heart Association has an excellent program called My Life Check. Dubbed The Simple 7: , it highlights 7 steps you can take to have a healthy heart, allows you to get your own personal heart score and it will give you an action life plan based on your results.
  • Celebrate National Wear Red Day on February 5th, and help build awareness about heart disease, the Number ONE killer of women.

Bonus: Macy’s, a national sponsor, will offer discounts to customers wearing red.

  • Make heart-healthy changes to food choices:
    • Choose olive or canola oil over margarine, butter and shortening.
    • Avoid creamy sauces.
    • Choose baked over fried.
    • Buy whole grains and reduce salt intake.
  • The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has great information on their website: .
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